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PNC Update | June 1

June 5, 2017 1 Comment Share

PNC-Update_blogFurther to our most recent progress report of April 17, 2017, the PNC is pleased to announce that we have retained the assistance of Vanderbloemen Search Group (VSG). This development follows in-depth interviews by the PNC of VSG and other highly qualified search firms.

VSG, based in Houston, Texas, has completed nearly 1,000 searches for church ministry leaders. Their founder and principal, William Vanderbloemen, will be working directly with the PNC. William holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and served for 15 years as a pastor before forming VSG. Their staff of over 30 associates bring a wealth of resources and insight to St. Andrew’s Lead Pastor search process.

Concurrently, the PNC has also completed the Church Information Form and Lead Pastor Job Description. Following a review by VSG, this material will be submitted for approval by St. Andrew’s Session and our ECO Presbytery. Subsequently, VSG and the PNC will begin reviewing information on specific Lead Pastor candidates, ultimately refining the candidate pool to those whom the PNC will interview.

VSG has thoroughly reviewed the data from our Congregational Lead Pastor Survey and has affirmed the richness of this information as standing out from what they have seen in their work with other churches. The PNC again expresses its appreciation to all who took the time to complete the survey.

While we cannot predict the timing of future developments, the PNC remains diligently focused on the tasks ahead. Most importantly, we continue in fervent prayer for all elements of the St. Andrew’s transition, rejoicing that we are joined with you as the local body of Christ in seeking the Lord’s best for St. Andrew’s and enjoying the blessed assurance that He’s Got This!

The Pastor Nominating Committee

To follow all the updates from our Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC), visit our Transition Page. Questions? Email saprespnc@gmail.com.

One response to “PNC Update | June 1”

  1. Ruth Lampe says:

    I have been praying for you in the ominous task you have in finding the person that will be ‘our teacher from the pulpit’ andcontinually lead us closer to Our Lord.
    The one person that comes to mind to me all the time is that young man that preached for us last summer that I thoughthad a gift of preaching that would be hard to equal. I don’t know his name, exactly, but think it is Bryan or Bryon something and is at the Dallas church and believe he was once an Associate at Peachtree.
    His message was absolutely beautiful and the kind of sermons I love. He had the gift of teaching The Word.
    Ruth Lampe (member for 45 years)

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