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Reading Fun with Whittier Elementary!

March 22, 2016 2 Comments Share

On March 18, 60 St. Andrew’s volunteers visited Whittier Elementary to participate in Read Across America™, a literacy promotion event featuring Dr. Suess.



“Thing 1” (Principal Wilcox) and “Thing 2” (Asst. Principal Topete) showed up to serve the students a breakfast of green eggs and ham while a host of happy volunteers were escorted to classrooms to read The Cat In the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham and other Dr. Suess favorites to eager children. Many thanks to all who helped to extend the family by serving our neighbors and friends at Whittier Elementary.


St. Andrew’s intentionally serves Whittier Elementary School in west-side Costa Mesa because we believe healthy schools play a huge role in the development of healthy communities and individuals. Whittier Elementary School serves a largely Hispanic community. Students who live in Spanish-speaking environments are at a disadvantage in developing their English-language skills, which hinders their academic studies. By working with school staff to promote literacy, we believe our neighbors at Whittier will be given the best chance to reach their full potential. Our specific goal is to help every third-grade read at grade level.


If you’d like information on how to volunteer, contact whittier@opulent-decision.flywheelsites.com or visit www.sapres.org/extendingthefamily.

2 responses to “Reading Fun with Whittier Elementary!”

  1. Katchen Knorringa says:

    I had a great day it brought my teaching days 73-85
    Love to do it on a regular basis.

  2. standrews says:

    Thank you for the gift of your time, Katchen!

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