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Reflections on El Salvador

April 19, 2017 0 Share

el-salvador_blogVicki Wadman and her daughter, Claire with Pastor Marcos, who leads the community development work in San Jose El Naranjo.

In February 2017, St. Andrew’s sent a team to serve alongside our ministry partner ENLACE in El Salvador. Such trips often allow us to experience deep emotional lows as we confront extreme poverty as well as life-giving joy as we see God’s redemptive plan in action through the Church. Understanding all that God does in us through such experiences takes time, often only becoming clear in retrospect. Below is a reflection by one of our team members as she looked back on the experience…

“Seeing the extreme poverty of rural El Salvador stirred many emotions in me, including at times helplessness and hopelessness. In these moments, all we could do was pray. Pray for the local pastor and church. Pray for the community to rally around families in need. Pray for the people to be open to attending church. I also saw firsthand the kindness, compassion, and willingness of the local people, who don’t have much themselves, to help struggling families. The people of San Jose de Naranjo are a living example of God’s love. It was amazing to witness and in my daily life back home I have tried to model that same kindness and compassion.”
(Vicki Wadman, 2017 Team Member)

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