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Refuge Goes to Supai!

July 20, 2016 0 Share

Last month, Refuge made their annual trip to Supai. Supai has been referred to as the most remote community in the contiguous states, accessible only by helicopter, on foot or by mule. Director of High School Ministries, Cody Jensen, headed up the trip along with various other staff members.


It is a place that is hard to put into words. On one hand, it is a trip that is challenging, both mentally, physically, and spiritually. On the other hand, it is heaven on earth, where the God’s voice seems to be louder and easier to hear. Supai is also a place where friendships are birthed, new beginnings have the potential to launch, and community is fostered. This and more took place on the 2016 Supai trip…

Supai_blogStudents hiked close to forty miles throughout the week and jump off 50-foot waterfalls into pristine topaz blue water. Needless to say, it is both heaven and hell all rolled into one week.Supai-hike_blogIn addition to jumping off waterfalls and hiking rugged terrain, students had amazing conversations with each other and the leaders. These conversations ranged from light-hearted and ridiculous to sincere and transparent. Staff members learned a lot about the students and their unique journeys through life.

Supai-beach_blogThe most beautiful moments were seeing students who didn’t know each other prior to the trip engage in conversations that lasted quite some time. It was also beautiful to see students pray with one another and embrace when difficult moments arose.

Supai-group_blogThe final night, which is always a favorite, consisted of both fellowship and baptisms. Throughout the week, the group journeyed through the narrative of the prodigal son, which usually ends with focusing on becoming more like the Father. However, in light of the conversations had, the Spirit seemed to nudge in a different direction. So, instead of speaking about becoming more like the Father, it was clear that the words, “God is the only one who can fill the gaps or voids in our lives, even if we have great or rather difficult relationships with our father’s and mother’s,” needed to be uttered. In the final moments of the evening, many students pledged their allegiance to the ways of Jesus and were baptized. It was a beautiful moment shared by all.

supai baptismsThe hike out could not have been better. Students were greeted with a stunning rainbow, followed by a light rain. Supai 2016 was a rather beautiful trip that truly put God’s kingdom on display.Supai-falls-top_blog

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