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Refuge Reaffirms Student Baptisms

May 2, 2017 4 Comments Share

Refuge-Baptism-2_blogLast night at Refuge, the high school students led worship and shared their testimonies with one another about what God continues to do in their lives.Refuge Takeover_blogIn addition; Associate Pastor of Family Ministries, Steven Good and Minister of Student Ministries, Cody Jensen, led four students in a reaffirmation of the promises made at their baptisms.Refuge-Baptism-1_blogThis was the first time St. Andrew’s baptismal had been used! It was a beautiful picture of an adoptive family coming together to celebrate the decisions of these students! Various adults connected to our students also came to show support, love, and encouragement. As students participated in their peers’ reaffirmations of faith, they expressed their own desire to be baptized for the first time, the next time we do this. Refuge Takeover 2_blogJesus was proclaimed and in unison, this faithful body of believers came together stating that they are there to encourage, love, support, and even hold their brothers and sister’s accountable to the words they professed. What a sacred night!

4 responses to “Refuge Reaffirms Student Baptisms”

  1. Wendy Wieland says:

    So proud of my niece ! Publicly proclaiming her faith in Jesus.

  2. Well Done! God Bless you all

  3. Chris Greer says:

    Amen and amen! Thank God for new and refreshed commitments to Him. Stoked to see that baptismal used (let’s keep that thing filled up!).

  4. Ruth Lampe says:

    Simply beautiful – Ruth

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