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Results from Today’s Congregational Meeting

January 28, 2018 15 Comments Share


Dear St. Andrew’s Family,

The congregation of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, by a vote of 603 yes (80%) out of 755 ballots, voted to call the Pastor Nominating Committee’s recommended candidate, Chap Clark, as Lead Pastor and Head of Staff of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Chap will officially begin his duties on February 1, 2018, and will be ordained and installed at a service to be announced in the near future.

Chris Edmonds, Chair, Pastor Nominating Committee
Bryan Eckelmann, Moderator
Judy Combs, Clerk
Karen Taillon, Assistant Clerk


Here are a few more photos from today’s meeting:





15 responses to “Results from Today’s Congregational Meeting”

  1. Deborah Diller says:

    Wonderful news! He will be fantastic as senior pastor. I hope Bryan plans to stay. What a great combo they make.

  2. Brian Bissonnette says:

    Congratulations, St. Andrews, on choosing what will undoubtedly be the next excellent leader of this amazing church, and congratulations to you Chap, we are blessed to have you!

  3. Mwgan says:

    Chap (and Dee!) have been and will continue to be a wonderful addition to our church family. A WARM WELCOME to you both!

  4. Betty says:

    Congratulations to you Chap! We look forward to great things from you

  5. Ann Kaiser says:

    We are so Blessed to have Chap as our new Pastor at St. Andrews!!
    He knows the bible, is approachable and transparent. Looking forward to all God has planned for our congregation!
    The Kaiser Family

  6. Karen Linden says:

    Thank you to our PNC for their hours of discernment, thoughtful consideration and diligent prayer, in the search for our Lead Pastor. It meant hours and hours of personal
    dedication to the task and Tom and I want to express our sincere gratitude.
    We welcome Dee and Chap to our St. Andrew’s Family and thank God for blessing us with their call and our new chapter together.
    Blessings, Karen Linden

  7. Kelli and Brad Warrick says:

    Brad and I could not be more thrilled to welcome Chap and Dee! We are so excited to see what God has in store! Welcome officially, to St. Andrews. Chap, you are approachable, funny, know the Bible, a family guy and are experienced in reaching youth, singles, married couples, all ages! We love the adopted people plan to bring the community together!
    The Warrick/Davison Family

  8. Vinnie Sollars says:

    Thank so much PNC. Congratulations Chap And Dee welcome looking forward to getting to know you both. Very excited to se what God has in store for St. Andrews…

  9. Judy Tracy says:

    Thank you again to the PNC volunteers. Job well done. And to Bryan for running a fair and thoughtful meeting.
    We are a blessed church. We welcome Chap and Dee and hope they get the help they need in getting settled. May the issues that need to be reviewed get addressed early so the air is cleared and we get back to where God wants us to be….a flourishing church family.
    God has blessed us all. May that continue!

  10. Laura Perry says:

    We have been members since 1955. We have been blessed with Charles Dierenfield, John Huffman and Richard Kaanwisher (that means”dishwasher” he once said. Now we move on with a fine man who will lead us on. Blessings on everyone

  11. Brynn Kelly says:

    I’m thrilled and so thankful for Chap and Dee to now call St. Andrew’s their home. We are blessed.

  12. Bill & Jean Stewart says:

    Absolutely thtilled that Chap & Dee have answered God’s call to lead St. Andrew’s. We are blessed!

  13. Patrick O'Brien says:

    Chap and Dee, My wife and I are looking forward to seeing you on Campus. We love your God filled spirit. Be perpetually encouraged, the God inspired words that flow from your mouth resonate and bring Life to our congregation and community. Rest in the Lord you are a mighty instrument.

    Try not to mumble on the pulpit so much…jk. You are cherished and deeply beloved.

  14. kayparmenter says:

    I was there when there was a search to replace John. Jim Birchfield was being considered. I left the state and never heard the outcome. Is he still there? If not do you know where he is?

  15. standrews says:

    Hi Kay,
    Jim Birchfield is no longer at St. Andrew’s. Our current lead pastor is Chap Clark.

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