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Rummage Sale | Martin Taylor

April 30, 2019 1 Comment Share

Martin Taylor on the Rummage Sale

Year after year, the Rummage Sale is a vibrant, exciting and some would say, semi-chaotic, time around St. Andrew’s. Beginning in May, hundreds of all-generations volunteers come together to sort tens of thousands of items to create a 3-day miniature department store in Dierenfield Hall and part of the parking lot. This pop-up, magnified yard sale packs a tremendous punch in terms of fiscal impact, contributing tens of thousands of dollars to St. Andrew’s mission partners every year. While it’s clearly a tremendous team effort, one man in particular stands out: Martin Taylor.

Martin joined the church in 1971 when he married his wife. He would say that he “married into the church.” As time went along, Martin got more involved with St. Andrew’s and ended up becoming the chair of the Rummage Sale. He’s been serving in this position ever since. “This’ll be the 51st Year of the Rummage Sale, and one thing that is incredible about it is that none of the proceeds stay on campus, with 100% of our profits going to our mission partners,” Martin describes.

One of the partners Taylor mentions is Teen Challenge, a ministry for those who deal with substance abuse and other kinds of addiction. In addition to frequently worshipping together, our friends at Teen Challenge work the Rummage Sale every year. The men help the team by moving items, sorting products and being a friendly presence around campus during this busy time. “The most impactful part of the whole Rummage Sale is getting to know these men, listening to their stories, and becoming genuine friends; even encouraging them in the midst of their troubles. Some of the guys have even come back after they have graduated their program to serve with us again!” Martin tells us that what forms is a deep friendship and bond between two people that may never have crossed paths otherwise.

The Rummage Sale serves as far more than an opportunity to raise money for a good cause, or even just to get rid of clutter around the house. It fosters a community of over 350 volunteers serving together to pull off a humongous event. This group is one big family, praying for one another, fellowshipping together, and loving each other well. While the task at hand is a huge responsibility, what we find within the Rummage Sale team is something far deeper—close friends, bonded together by serving the Lord and His mission.

The Rummage Sale this year will be from May 30- June 1. If you want to join this extended family by volunteering, email rummagesale@opulent-decision.flywheelsites.com or visit our website here.

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  1. Vinnie Sollars says:

    I help make lunches for volunteers. On Thursday preview day and volunteer shops day! Love doing it everyone is always looking forward to helping me. One thing I do every year and my same crue of helpers insist on helping.

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