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Spirit-Led Baptism in Saturday Night’s Service

June 21, 2016 0 Share


On the third Saturday of every month, Teen Challenge comes to worship with the St. Andrew’s community and take part in our Super Saturday event. During these services, someone who is currently in Teen Challenge’s recovery program shares their testimony with the congregation. This month, a young man named Connor bravely shared his testimony during the Saturday evening service, speaking into how God redeems all circumstances for His ultimate glory. During this testimony, he told how he grew up in St. Andrew’s WATCH program and was baptized in our Sanctuary by Pastor John Huffman. In high school, Connor fell away from the Lord and experimented with drugs, entering into what became a very long and dark season of his life. In recent years, Connor has participated in multiple rehabilitation programs but it wasn’t until┬áhe joined Teen Challenge that he realized there is no healing apart from Jesus. As he gave testimony to coming back to Christ, Pastor Rich felt spontaneously led to ask Connor if he would like to reaffirm his baptism. What ensued was a Spirit-led reaffirmation of Connor’s faith and baptism, a truly powerful moment for everyone involved.

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