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St. Andrew’s and Project Hope Alliance’s “Promotor Pathway Program”

July 8, 2016 0 Share

St. Andrew’s was excited to contribute to our ministry partner, Project Hope Alliance’s “Promotor Pathway Pilot Program” that launched in January of this year. Since then, student needs have been identified and the efforts were initiated. One of those needs was to provide approximately 50 laptop computers for the youth and a partnership with Toshiba began. In May, we sponsored 30 new laptops and cases for the Promotor Pathway students in addition to the $5,000 donated by Toshiba. The gift of a laptop creates an enduring partnership between a student and learning that remains with the student wherever he or she goes, from classroom to home.

SA Pres + Toshiba for PHA

Located across the street from Newport Harbor High School, St. Andrew’s houses a drop-in center and refers students to Promotor Pathway. This partnership serves as an outstanding component of the program, as the new national report “Hidden in Plain Sight: Homeless Students in America’s Public Schools” so perfectly illustrates, “Joining together with the faith community has had strong positive impacts. The church community provides students with the anonymity they wish, as well as a safe space. The opportunity for Project Hope Alliance to have a physical presence at the church allows them to leverage the resources of the faith community in addition to the resources of the school district. These types of school/community partnerships also provide Project Hope staff with the benefit of having only one physical office (at Newport High School) while still maintaining a presence at other brick and mortar spaces, such as churches. This allows Project Hope to invest money in resources and services rather than physical space.”

Click Here to learn more about the Promotor Pathway Program or our ministry partner, Project Hope Alliance.

In collaboration with Latin American Youth Center, Newport-Mesa Unified School District, Newport Harbor High School, and St. Andrew’s, Promotor Pathway serves disconnected youth ages 14-24 by pairing them with experienced “promoters” who provide one-on-one intensive support to youth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A recent five-year study on the program’s impact found the unique intervention model to be astoundingly effective. The treatment group receiving a promotor was 1/3 more likely to be enrolled in school, 1/3 less likely to have a child, and 60% less likely to have slept in a shelter or on the streets.

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