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Steven Good on St. Andrew’s Life Groups

May 23, 2018 0 Share


Life Groups at St. Andrew’s are a great place to get connected with others, grow in faith, and belong through a small group that meets each week, usually in individual homes. When Steven Good invited Phil and Jen to be part of his longstanding Life Group, he found that it helped the group itself to grow and evolve.

“I’ve had casual conversations with Phil over the years,” says Steven. “One day we went for coffee where he said he felt God urging him to get more involved in the life of the church, so my wife and I invited him and his wife into our Life Group. Phil and Jen started coming and were a great fit.”

Steven’s group of six couples had been together for about five years and wondered if the dynamics would change in bringing in new couples like Phil and Jen and four other couples since then. It did, but in a positive way. “It makes you start over in some ways, to reset and discover new things,” says Steven. “We wanted to make them feel welcome and not outside of our network of relationships. We’ve all grown since they and others have joined. I think sometimes we’re afraid that we’re going to lose the intimacy we have if we invite others into a group, and what always ends up happening is that you find it. You find hidden depths that you didn’t know were there that the new people bring out of the group. So I can’t encourage that enough.

Life Groups are not meant to be static entities. The beauty of the church is that there are all kinds of people. We’re all called to be in community.

And you know to use Paul’s body analogy – we’re all different parts of the body and there’s a bit of a danger in getting get insular. Each new person that comes into the group has brought this totally different story and different way of seeing faith that challenges everybody else to discover anew who God is, and that’s a good thing.”

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