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December 31, 2019 0 Share

Tecaté Serve Trip

The Tecate Serve trip has impacted many members of the St. Andrew’s congregation over the years, so much so that many who go choose to keep going; one of these people is high schooler Brooklyn Lauricella. Brooklyn has been on the Tecate trip before, but this trip felt different. With only seven high school students on the team, there was a chance to connect with each other and experience the community in Tecate that she hadn’t experienced before.

Going into the trip, Brooklyn was expecting the same routine that previous trips had, namely, a complete house build. However, the focus of the October 2019 trip was on smaller projects based throughout the community. Because of this, Brooklyn felt like she had a “purpose and a reason to be there.” This sense of purpose was important to her experience, but even more so was the way she saw God on the move.

Reflecting on the trip, Brooklyn says that it “changed people’s views on God.” Everyone on the trip, students and staff alike, saw God at work within the community of Tecate, and because of that, we walked away with our faith strengthened. It was a special thing to participate in the work the Holy Spirit is already doing south of the border, and we’re changed in process. Brooklyn’s experience is just one of many, but it shows the way God was at work in our lives and the lives of the people of Tecate.

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