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January 22, 2020 0 Share

Kidworks Prayer Walk
Anna Dirkse

Have you ever wanted to learn more about our mission partners and to explore where God might be inviting you to serve? Do you have a heart for prayer? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we have exciting news for you. We are starting a monthly prayer caravan, where we visit a different “near” ministry partner each month. We will spend one hour learning about what they do, hearing about how God is working in their midst and then praying over their staff and ministry. We believe that prayer is an integral part of our spiritual lives. As such, we want to know our ministry partners through the lens of prayer. Would you join us each month as we celebrate all that our ministry partners are doing and encourage them in prayer?

We had our prayer caravan last week with Kidworks in Santa Ana. The prayer group was made up of people from a variety of churches and backgrounds. There were pastors and volunteers, new visitors and faithful mentors, all coming together to join the Kidworks staff. The collection of people was a wonderful picture of the Kingdom of God: people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and languages gathering together in prayer and thanksgiving. Kidworks is choosing to base their ministry in prayer because they see prayer as the foundation of all they do. With a grounding in prayer, they are constantly reminding themselves, and others, of what God is asking of them. One woman, a longtime volunteer at Kidworks, said that the prayer walk was the single “most significant” thing that the ministry could do. Not only did the Kidworks staff and leaders have specific prayer requests for their own ministry, but they also knew the specific needs of the community they serve. As we moved through the building, I was struck by the way they lifted up certain families and situations, demonstrating their deep care and love for those in their neighborhood. 

As we begin our monthly ministry partner prayer focus, we want to celebrate all that our partners are doing. Joining in on one of these prayer caravans is a wonderful way to learn more about what a ministry is doing and to immerse yourself in their program, their needs, and their community. If you’re interested in attending an offsite prayer caravan, please email missions@sapres.org.

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