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October 1, 2019 0 Share

Royal Family Kids
Summer Camp

At the end of each summer children in the foster care system gather for a week of Christ-centered fun at Royal Family Kids Camp. St. Andrew’s partners with Rock Harbor to show these kids love and serve them during the week. Sandra Chao and Dana Binford have both served at camp, and each found more than they were expecting while working alongside these special children. 

Both Sandra and Dana experienced unique Christian community while at Royal Family Kids Camp. The 2019 theme was “Sheepfold,” and it focused on bringing the children into the family of God, showing them Christ’s love and inviting them to more. The Kingdom was obvious in the interactions between those serving and leading and their interactions with the children at camp. But these fruitful interactions take time, prayer, and trust in the Holy Spirit. Reflecting on her experience Dana says that, “God equips us. Every time. I was challenged in new ways at Camp. God used me in a myriad of ways to support counselors and Camp leadership – ways I never would have imagined.” God was at work during the week of camp, and continues to be at work in the lives of both the children and the leadership even months after camp has ended. Royal Family Kids Camp has had a lasting impact on Sandra; she’s learned more about what it means to be a neighbor as a result of God’s prompting as she was serving. She writes, “God is helping me be a better neighbor by taking more interest in the lives of my neighbors, responding to their needs and showing more care.”

 Both women were deeply impacted by their simple choice to serve this unique community. Some of the most at-risk children in our neighborhood are those in the foster care system, and God is at work in their lives as he is at work in ours. We must ask how we are called to be agents of the Kingdom of God to these kids, who need love and support more than anything else.

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