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Story // Carol Collins + Julie Sullivan

September 22, 2020 0 Share

Carol Collins + Julie Sullivan | Women’s Ministry Story

Thanks to technology and our virtual leader, Kim Johnson, our “Devoted” Bible Study is Zooming along. We aren’t missing a beat and all of our sweet sisters in Christ are participating. It’s very evident, we are keeping peace, love and joy alive during this time of sheltering in place.

In many ways, we feel our sharing is actually richer and more insightful. Perhaps it is because we are sheltered at home and have the gift of time to pray and dive deeper into God’s Word.

One thing is certain – God never abandons his people and that is evident in how he is working in our group. We feel connected, we feel God’s presence and we feel the support of one another.

In addition to our lesson and sharing our golden nugget verses each week, we make sure to carve out time for praise reports and prayer requests. We feel it’s doubly important to lift each other and our families in prayer during this time of turmoil in our country. We also are diligent about praying for our church and our nation.

We feel blessed to be a close-knit band of believers who cherish each other’s presence. While looking forward to the time we can be together in person, we are beyond grateful to meet on Zoom each week and share the good medicine of joy filled hearts.

Thank you St. Andrew’s for being our guiding light during this time. And, a special thank you to Timberly Eckelmann. We love you and are very grateful for your virtual teaching each week.

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