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Story // Gail O’Hea

September 15, 2020 1 Comment Share

Gail O’Hea | Serve Story

In the midst of complaints of pain, fear, and the broken place the motel dwellers have come to, there is of course mourning and grumbling. However, in these same people, I have witnessed great faith and reliance on our good God. Some are thrust into these temporary motel stays due to the financial impact of COVID-19. Others live on the brink of homelessness, not able to find consistent work, and live in motels for months or even years.

“Candace” has lived alone in the same motel for a year. Her father could not accept some of her life choices and rejected her. He excluded her from his life until, on his deathbed, God’s mercy filled him with love for his child and they were reconciled. Even through this terribly lonely existence, Candace wants to share the love and gratitude she has for God for walking beside her and bringing restoration to this relationship.

On a number of occasions, our requests to pray for these dear people have turned into “church” as we circle together and petition for one another, and praise his holy name. These friends are in my heart and prayers throughout the weeks as I ponder what they share with me, and how God is using this in their lives, and mine. Even as I am so awed by the desperation, seeing God with these people, in the midst of these troubling circumstances, gives me the courage to go back to them with joy.

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  1. Kaitryne says:

    Weird way to get a hold of you, but Mom really needs to talk with you.
    xoxo – Kaitryne

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