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Story // Kali Lukei

October 1, 2020 1 Comment Share

Kali Lukei | Family Ministries Story

Three months ago, I never would have imagined being so thankful for spending time after school on my last “normal day” (March 13th) in the Corner Café at St. Andrew’s. But like everything else, I now realize how special that time was. I miss the church more than I can express, but at least I got that one last day in (and one last Iced Chai Latte which I also miss dearly). Despite the craziness and discomfort  Covid-19 has brought upon all of us, like any situation there’s always something to be learned. Whether it be the small things like Chai Lattes or big things like my friends and family, I’ve learned how much to appreciate every single thing in my life. Especially hugs. Let me tell you, every hug I’ve been able to get I’ve enjoyed more than anything else. Most of all, what I’m thankful for is how even in this strange time, I’ve been able to strengthen and take refuge in my relationship with Jesus. Even in my weakest moments (and there were definitely a few), I always come out stronger after praying, being able to remember how God is in control, and trust everything that comes my way is part of his plan for me. Another thing I’ve learned is how to enjoy the smallest moments. Every sunset I see, every chance to see a friend, even simple bike rides, is so special and should never be taken for granted. Overall, even though this experience hasn’t exactly been perfect, I’ve grown so much as a person and in my relationship with God.

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  1. Kendall says:

    wow! I love you, Kali

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