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Story // Michelle Schrock

September 1, 2020 0 Share

Michelle Schrock | Preschool Story

I just wanted to let the St. Andrew’s Preschool know how important you guys are to the students, and specifically to Harry and our family. I have been in survival mode these past 6 weeks; trying to keep our house running, working from home, and being Harry’s playmate and mom at the same time. We were excited to drive by the school and see the teachers and I was just focusing on getting there to check it off my to-do list for the morning. The most unexpected thing happened as we were driving home from the drive-by… I just had tears streaming down my face as it really sunk in how much St. Andrew’s means to our family and how much we’ve missed it. You guys provide such an important space in Harry’s life and in our family routine.

At school he is learning about Jesus, major social skills that will carry him throughout life, the foundations of reading and math, learning how to make good choices, what to do in conflict, and gaining self-confidence… and as we drove away it just hit me that all of that was taken away 6 weeks ago. The void of not being able to interact with you and his classmates has been huge. We are so thankful for the Zoom calls! It’s part of our nightly conversation, discussing if he gets to see his teachers and classmates. He always wants to know what Miss Andie’s email says the night before and he glows when Miss Tiffany Facetimes us. I know it isn’t the same for you guys, you don’t get the affirmation each day of those sweet conversations with the kids or watching them slowly grow over time. But you guys still carry just as much weight even if it’s behind the computer screen.

Thank you for continuing to show up, for asking thoughtful questions through the screen, and for thinking of creative ways to make the Zoom calls interactive. Two years ago when I was scouting preschools, I fell in love with St. Andrew’s, the style of education, school philosophy, and the warmth from the teachers. Thank you for continuing that presence through this insane season of life.

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