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August 25, 2020 0 Share

Serve Story

Right after stay-at-home orders from COVID-19 were put into place, I was weary due to the fact that I was not allowed to work and wasn’t getting any paid leave. I’m a single mom and I didn’t know what I was going to do to pay my rent, car payment, etc. I received an all-church email from the St. Andrew’s Serve team and took the initiative to ask for help on the website. I got a follow-up call with an answer to my crisis. I want to say thank you St. Andrew’s for your kindness in taking the time to deliver the much-needed groceries to my home. There was a severe shortage in the market, and I was facing a financial crisis. Your donations not only fed us, but also helped offset my financial burden. I wasn’t expecting such generosity and it was such a relief, an answer to prayer. I trusted the Lord and he came through. I have been attending St. Andrew’s since Jr. High and returned as an adult. St. Andrew’s has always been a loving place with loving people, and I appreciate all the calls to check on me to see if I need anything – prayer and just to make sure that I’m alright. Thank you again so, so much!

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