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Supai- A Letter From Cody Jensen

July 17, 2014 0 Share

Our high school ministry recently got back from an amazing week-long trip to Supai, which is in the Grand Canyon! It is the most challenging and rewarding trip we do. Students are required to hike all of their food, tents and clothing 12+ miles filled with steep switchbacks, rivers, and a lot of rocks and dirt. At the end of our 12+ mile hike was our campsite, which was located right next to a crystal clear blue river. Students spent mornings engaging in various spiritual disciplines, both individually and in groups. Throughout each day we would go to different waterfalls and simply enjoy time with one another and creation. Evenings were filled with student led worship and talks that focused on the prodigal son in Luke. More specifically, we focused on how we might identify with the prodigal son and the elder son as we hopefully seek to become more like the Father. On our last evening students were invited to be baptized and over 20 students were!!! It was an amazing night and amazing week!!

Trips like these are impossible without strong leaders and we had exactly that. We had four strong girl leaders: Amanda Mendoza, Natalie Mitchel, Emmy Mitchell, and Kellyn Perham. Each one unselfishly took off a week of work to pour into many girls on the trip. They were amazing!! In addition, we asked Chris Clarke who is an outstanding guy and who attends St. Andrews with his wife and two sons, to come on the trip. It was great having him on the trip as he is an EMT and Huntington Beach life guard. Not only was Chris willing to help where he could, but he also was patient and loving with the students as he attended to countless blisters and stubbed toes. He was a gift and a blessing to have on the trip! Lastly, Glen Allen, for the second year in a row, volunteered to drive all of our backpacks out on the Saturday we left, drove back home after dropping off our packs, and then drove back out on Thursday evening to pick up all of the packs. Oh… and did I mention he also provided hot dogs, waters, oranges, cookies and chips upon the finish of our hike?! He is unbelievably kind and gracious.

It was a beautiful trip and God did some amazing things in the hearts of our students! Every time we go to Supai, I am reminded how important it is to slow down throughout life, because when we do, God’s ever quiet voice tends to be more easily heard. Please keep those in prayer who were baptized for their journey with Christ. Here are their names:

Dominic Loftus
Nikola Knaeps
H (Hugh) Gibbs
Mark Schaefer
Jackson Rhodes
Daniela Vazquez
Caroline Gels
Kira Ellis
Sophie Schwarenbach
Kelly Sandberg
Collete Vigil
Dani Desantis
Ella Mcfadin
Amanda du Pont
Reo Nathan
Shannon Morris
Seville Gentry
Samantha Scheurer
Kat Delaney
Sammie Yeager
Kiersten Yardley

– Cody Jensen, Director of Student Ministries (High School)






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