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Supai Update #4

November 26, 2015 0 Share

Tuesday was a powerful day of ministry on several fronts. Our team split up to support the vets, prepare a Thanksgiving meal for 200 in the school kitchen and put on a children’s program for the parents.

Maura staffed a prayer area at the vet clinic and helped wherever and whenever needed, ensuring the animals and their owners were well cared for. It was clear God wanted Jim Walker on this trip, as he was in his element prepping a full menu and managing the crack volunteer kitchen staff of Greg, Kay, Rodney, Dan and others. The meal went off beautifully, allowing the community to enjoy great food as they watched their kids sing songs and perform a skit of the Good Samaritan. Joan, Gail and Jennifer corralled, guided and celebrated four groups of kids, building great relationships and wearing Jesus with grace.

The day wrapped up with a time of sharing and celebrating what God accomplished through the team and the local church. It was good. Very good.

Please pray for safe travels for the team as they make it home in time for Thanksgiving dinner… all the more aware of all that we have to celebrate and to be thankful for.


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