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Parent/Child Summer Playdays

August 17, 2012

Parent/Child Summer Playdays were a smash hit! Here’s what was happening for 7 fun weeks for our youngest kids! “Jive Talkin’”  Parents always close by and catching up on the latest news. “Splish splash, I was takin’ a bath…”  With […]

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Grandparents’ Week in Parent/Child

February 21, 2012

Much love happening in our Parent/Child classes last week . . . It was a special week that was set aside to celebrate Grandparents and have our Parent/Child kids show them their “school.”  Many grandparents came and enjoyed … Playing with […]

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Parent/Child Classes are Lots of Fun!

October 10, 2011

Our Parent/Child classes are off and running with tons of fun and special times for parents and their toddlers! Check out highlights of our first couple of weeks… don’t miss “Spotty” our favorite kissing puppy puppet and our parents getting time […]

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Parent/Child Summer Play Days

August 22, 2011

Lots of water was splashed, lots of shaving cream was decorating everyone… but best of all, lots of friends were made in the community of Christ! Come join the fun next summer! And see about joining our September – June […]

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Fun in the Sun at Parent/Child Play Days

August 9, 2011

Parent/Child Summer Play Days continues to provide lots of fun for kids and their parents! Our kids have splashed, created art masterpieces, enjoyed many new toys, and made new friends this summer.  A highlight for the parents is the fellowship […]

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Parent/Child Summer Fun

July 21, 2011

All the kids had a blast in the water during Parent/Child Summer Playdays today.  Check out some of the highlights of the day:  

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Parent/Child Summer Fun

July 12, 2011

Summer is here and everyone is having a blast at Parent/Child Summer Playdays! Check out some of our highlights of the day. Click Here to find out more about the Parent/Child program.

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Grandparents Visit Parent/Child Classes

March 4, 2011

Grandparents visit and bless our Parent/Child program!!  A couple of  our favorite tips passed on to parents about parenting were …  “Enjoy them”  and  “Don’t stress out, this too shall pass!” The kids in our Parent/Child program got to show their Grandparents all that […]

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Dad’s Night at Parent/Child

April 27, 2010

One of the highlights of the Parent/Child school year is Daddy Nights! This is a special night set aside and is offered as an extra class just for dads and their children. Their child shows them all that they do […]

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Grandparents Week

March 15, 2010

Last month our Parent/Child kids brought their Grandparents with them to their Parent/Child class.  They had a very special time showing Grandma and Grandpa what they do at their “school.”  The moms and dads present were blessed by Grandparents sharing […]

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