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Stories | Brooklyn Lauricella

December 31, 2019

Tecaté Serve Trip The Tecate Serve trip has impacted many members of the St. Andrew’s congregation over the years, so much so that many who go choose to keep going; one of these people is high schooler Brooklyn Lauricella. Brooklyn […]

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Stories | Ruby Trestik

November 5, 2019

I grew up in church, but never really saw it as important and never wholeheartedly pursued it. I saw church as more of an obligation, something my mom dragged me to every weekend. It wasn’t my choice, it was hers… […]

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Stories | Joe + Tiana Bard

September 25, 2019

Joe + Tiana BardBanzai Bowls Tiana and I started Banzai Bowls about 9 years ago. It began by making the recipes that we currently sell, in our own home for ourselves and friends. The idea came to me right around […]

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Brian Davison’s Ministry of Presence

February 5, 2019

Deep impact is at the root of all St. Andrew’s missional partnerships. Within some ministries, we’re able to serve together at a school across town or board a plane to experience how God is moving in a different country. Other […]

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Missions Fair 2019 Recap

January 29, 2019

Each of us is a vital part of the body of Christ. Whether you are already engaged with one our mission partners or in God’s Kingdom work other places here, near, or far – we are here to help you […]

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Lauren Quinn’s Tribe

January 22, 2019

Lauren Quinn grew up attending St. Andrew’s in middle school but left to go away to college in Virginia. After graduating and working abroad for years, she shares what it was like to come back “home” to her church family […]

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Born to Ride and Abide

December 18, 2018

When Bruce Nelson was thinking of ways to create a space for the men of St. Andrew’s to belong, he thought outside the box for the annual Men’s Retreat. Instead of just focusing on attracting the masses, he went deeper to […]

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Charlene Foell’s Heart for Service

November 20, 2018

Charlene Foell is a wife, mother, and active member within the St. Andrew’s community. In addition to serving as a ministry lead over our Project Hope Alliance partnership and regularly helping out with family ministries events, Charlene still makes time […]

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JoAnne Greinke and Finding Freedom International

October 30, 2018

JoAnne Greinke joined in a missions trip alongside Finding Freedom International last year. As a ministry partner of St. Andrew’s, Finding Freedom International embodies the values set forth by our church – to live a life that reveals God’s goodness […]

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Hospitality is Contagious

October 24, 2018

Sandy Chao, a member here at St. Andrew’s, is inspired to show extreme hospitality to others because others have shown it to her. When we care for others, it spreads and multiplies. Extreme hospitality is simply making an effort to […]

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