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Teen Challenge Graduation

August 19, 2011 0 Share

Yesterday, St. Andrew’s members joined in to celebrate the Teen Challenge graduates in a wonderful ceremony at the Teen Challenge facilities.  See what people are saying and check out the highlights of the day:

“My favorite part of participating in graduations at Teen Challenge is witnessing the reconciling power of the Holy Spirit. Students commonly share how the program has helped restore broken relationships.  Because of God’s power sons are once again lovingly embraced by their parents, couples on the verge of divorce are now starting anew, men are becoming better fathers.  God’s goodness and mercy is evident through tears of joy and thanksgiving from both graduates and their families.” – Jennifer 

“One of the joys of going to Teen Challenge is witnessing the passionate commitment everyone feels towards the program. It comes naturally just by hearing of the change that the Lord has made in the lives of the men—the wonderful and mysterious ways He works to save them. It comes naturally after hearing a powerful message expressed with such love as Laura Johnson gave at the graduation on Thursday, August 18.” – Alan


The ceremony started with worship and Scripture.

Our very own Laura Johnson, Minister of Outreach Ministries, gave a message based on Luke 10 and encouraged the men, as well as everyone else in the room, to continue to share the Word with others and evangelize.

After that, staff members shared about each man and gave them a verse to reflect on.

Then, each graduate had the opportunity to share a little about themselves, their reflections on their experience, and some goals they wish to accomplish.

The ceremony concluded with prayer for the graduates.

After the ceremony, there was time for refreshments and fellowship.

Teen Challenge is having a Game Night on Sunday, August 28 at 3:30 p.m.  If you would like to participate in their Game Night, learn more about Teen Challenge or get involved in other aspects of their ministry, please contact Lexi Larison in the Serve office, 949.574.2273. 



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