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The Choir Joins Together for a Cause

February 22, 2011 0 Share

“The choir has had an ongoing ministry to two kids — one a World Vision child and the other a little girl named Faima, in Uganda, who is with an organization called Promise Child. 

About three weeks ago, we had a Saturday rehearsal, and as part of that rehearsal we had a report from the director of Promise Child about the work in Uganda.  He showed us video and an interview with Faima and her family.  One of the things that came through for that little family was that they were much in need of a “home,” which in Uganda is basically two brick huts with thatch roofs and an opening for a door.  We found out that each one would cost about $750 to build. 

Frani Bailey was one of the $100 recipients involved in The Kingdom Assignment and the choir has multiplied that money into over $800 — one hut built.  Yay!  But as I sat and listened I was moved in my heart about raising the $750 for the second hut. 

That same night, I went through my email address book and sent out a letter to about 55 family and friends on my list, with a challenge — I would put $100 (for my own Kingdom Assignment) and appealed to them to help build Faima’s family the second hut. 

The first email early Monday morning was from friends who said — “put us down for $100.”
To date the total is at about $540 and I’m still expecting at least a couple more checks to come in. 

I was so affirmed and excited about the immediate response that Monday morning I decided to share what had happened with my two community college classes.  I don’t know what fruit that will bear, but it was another type of “sowing” God’s Kingdom.  I plan to report to them soon that the whole amount of $750 was reached.”


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