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The Creations of Wonderful Weekdays’ Kids

August 17, 2011 0 Share

It is a week of creations at Wonderful Weekdays Summer Camp! The kids have created fabulous food, like stir fry and homemade ice cream and they have created art, by making play-dough, board games, and puppets.  But more importantly, they have created friendships, memories, and a relationship with our Heavenly Father! Check out their highlights of this week so far:

Each kid created a magnetic board game and its pieces to take home.

Every group worked together to make homemade ice cream, using tins.

The kids created puppets to look like themselves! This room was full of creative kids.

Shaking (and kicking around) their ice cream into formation was tough work – but well worth it!

Making stir fry together… this was a favorite!

Making play-dough was super fun because they all got a piece to take home!

Pool time at Newport Harbor’s pool is always a highlight of the week.

Friendships have been strengthened this summer!

It is so great to get to play, be creative, and learn about God together!

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