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The Impact of Prayer | Sue Faassen

March 14, 2016 6 Comments Share

For the next couple weeks, we will post a video with stories from our congregation on how prayer has impacted their lives. This week, Sue Faassen shares her story.

6 responses to “The Impact of Prayer | Sue Faassen”

  1. Annie Lightcap says:

    Sue, what a wonderful testimony!! Prayer is indeed powerful! I know from my own experience, even short bursts of prayer — calling out to God is powerful! I’m so glad that your trip was a blessing to you. God certainly had you in mind. It wasn’t up to you was it. He practically carried you there. And now your sharing your blessing with us. Thank you Sue. You are loved by so many. . .

  2. Dan Wendell says:

    So eloquently shared Sue! Thanks for obediently responding to God’s leading. You blessed and encouraged teachers, students and team members throughout your journey to Kenya. Thank you!

  3. Barbara Littleton says:

    Sue, lovely story and what an adventure! Thanks for sharing it. You
    make this world a nicer place.

  4. Adrianne Geiger DuMond says:

    Sue, what a beautiful testimony. You are an inspiration to all.

  5. Marcia O'Hern says:

    Sue, thank you for explaining your prayer experience. Sometimes we are reluctant to let others know that we struggle to accept God’s plan.

  6. Marilyn Slaughter says:

    Sue , your words were wonderful. We talked before you left and how you felt. I read your words now and they are beautiful. You are a blessing to our wonderful church.

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