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Upcoming Sermon Series | Knowing Our Vessel

March 27, 2018 1 Comment Share


April 7 – June 10

Join us beginning April 7/8 as we begin our new sermon series, “Knowing Our Vessel”! Before the lines are cut and the “Good Ship St. Andrew’s” is towed off the dock into the channel for our next voyage, we will first spend a season examining the parameters of our vessel.

We know that Jesus Christ is our Captain, but what does it mean for us to be invited to join Him on board this ship as His crew? What does the “Good Ship St. Andrew’s” even look like? What do we believe? The past couple months we have been provisioning ourselves, and our ship, for the journey ahead. But before we step aboard, leave the dock and await the Spirit to fill our sails, we must first gain a better understanding of this vessel before us. In the upcoming sermon series, “Knowing Our Vessel,” we will dig into the four St. Andrew’s values, and how they are grounded in the nine ECO (A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians) values.

We hope to see you there! Visit www.sapres.org/media for more info.

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  1. Carrie nelson says:

    Waiting upon the Lord.May we all share in the peace of his ways! Truth and honesty and revelation are part of His work! May He be the only one true God for our church and our home. He is good and faithful…he is the light in the dark.

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