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Update from Uganda Team

July 23, 2010 0 Share

Our whole team is now home, except one with an extended stay in Europe. We flew from Entebbe to Brussels to New York. We had a glitch in New York with a very short layover and did not have enough time for all of us to make is to our gate. We held the plane as long as possible and then made later arrangements for half the team to fly into LAX a bit later. At 10:15am this morning, our remaining two will be back. Travel can be hard with a large group but for two weeks our team did a wonderful job of going from place to place all over Uganda. The team rallied well over and over again despite 10 to 12 hour car rides, an earthquake, and bombings. We are so grateful as to what God did in each of our lives and for bringing us all home safe!



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