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Visiting Union Church

May 29, 2015 3 Comments Share

On May 24, Penn Post and Jeff Herdman took their life group on a Los Angeles adventure. This growing St. Andrew’s life group visited Union Church in the Little Tokyo area in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Little Tokyo is surrounded by Skid Row (2,000 homeless on the street, with 800 housed daily at the Rescue Missions), and brand new urban developments (expensive, as much as $3,000 to $4,000 rent for two bedroom units). The location is truly at the hub of the growing inner city experience.


Union Church was founded in 1918 as the Japanese Union Church, and new location built in 1976.  When the Japanese Americans were interned during World War II, the church was temporarily a community center for African Americans.


During their time there, the St. Andrew’s life group Attended worship, along with the women in life recovery from the Anne Douglas Center of the L.A. Mission. Despite few children at Union Church, witnessed a young baby’s baptism. Women from the church hosted us with a meal of salad snack, from vegetables from their new hydroponic garden. Tim Yee presented their idea for possibly starting a hydroponic Tower Garden on their roof.  The product sales would be a revenue opportunity and enable local employment. The group visited behind the church, Azusa Street Revival, the recognized birthplace of the Pentecostal movement. Enjoyed a delicious lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Little Tokyo and renewed old friendships with Tim Yee.


Tim Yee would love for other St. Andrew’s Life Groups to visit, and learn more about what in starting to happen in The City.  For more information, visit thebridgeatunion.org


3 responses to “Visiting Union Church”

  1. Jeflf Herdman says:

    An absolutely wonderful experience. Tim was so welcoming, delivered a very inspiring sermon; fellowship following the service was such a great experience with so many diverse and welcoming people. The history surrounding the area, as well as the urban growth, was so interesting. I would highly recommend this experience to other Life Groups.

  2. Steve Kishi says:

    Last Sunday was a very memorable experience, having the opportunity to see the merging of various cultures in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The women from the Anne Douglas Center of the L A Mission clearly have found the Lord, and their energetic singing was so uplifting. Thank you, Tim Yee for sharing the future vision for the Bridge at Union Church.

  3. Tim yee says:

    It was great to host folks from St. Andrews and we’d love to see more come and join us in what Gid is doing in downtown LA.

    We miss our St. Andrew’s family!

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